The “OK Google” is broken on many Android phones

Using Google Assistant, Google’s improved assistant, is as easy as holding your phone’s Home button or as easy as saying “Ok Google” in front of your phone. However, it seems that the “OK Google” command has been broken on many Android phones for a few days, but we do not know why yet, as the company has not made any statements.

Let’s remember how it works. If you want to use Google Assistant, the device must run on Android 6.0 or higher. It should also have the Google app 6.13 or higher, and Google Play Services (both apps should be configured with one of the compatible languages, like Spanish). The problem arises when everything is perfectly set up and the requirements are met, but even so the “OK Google command” does not work.

Problems with “OK Google”

After checking the Google Assistant help forums, Twitter, and Reddit, we found out that a lot of users are complaining about the command not working correctly. Most of them have trouble getting their phones to respond to voice commands. Additionally, the issue is not unique to a single version of the assistant, as it seems that the “OK Google” command fails to work on several different device models and even in several languages. We still do not know if the root cause is in the app itself or in the Android versions that have the same problem. Whatever the case is, everything falls under the Google umbrella.

As of now, the company claims to be working on the problem, which seems to be related to the app’s settings. All the people having trouble trying to activate Google Assistant via voice commands on Xiaomi, OnePlus and Samsung, among others, claim their phones have one thing in common: the options to turn on voice control are inaccessible, as the settings are greyed out.

Google representatives have replied many of the posts on the Google Assistant help forum saying that the company is looking into the issue, encouraging users to use other methods to access the assistant, like holding the home button.

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