devolo Multiroom 550+ Wi-Fi Kit, a powerline to have Wi-Fi in every corner of the house

There is nothing more annoying than having parts of the house with no Wi-Fi coverage. Wireless technology is essential for our phones and tablets. As of now, having Wi-Fi coverage in the entire house is essential for society, but having routers is sometimes not enough to do so. Luckily, there are devices on the market, like the devolo Multiroom 550+ Wi-Fi Kit, to have Wi-Fi in every corner of the house.

Having Wi-Fi coverage in every corner of the house might seem a difficult task, but it is actually easier than what it seems. We just have to use the right tool. In this case, we will do so with a powerline system that takes advantage of the existing electrical wiring in our home to take the high-speed connection to every room in the house. Therefore, Wi-Fi coverage is extended so we can browse the web smoothly.

devolo Multiroom 550+ Wi-Fi Kit: technical specifications

The kit is actually made up of two different devices: the devolo dLAN 550+ Wi-Fi (two units), which will act as the wireless access point, and the devolo dLAN 550+ duo, which will be the main powerline and has two LAN ports. The kit delivers up to 300 Mbps with the 802.11n standard.

Besides, it uses the AV500 standard, which in theory is capable of delivering 500 Mbps via the electrical wiring. As for connectivity, we get Fast Ethernet ports in all the devices: one on the satellite devices and two on the main device. Lastly, we have to mention the range+ technology that delivers better transfer rates and coverage.

What is this kit used for?

As we have already said, this system allows us to get Wi-Fi coverage in every corner of the house where wireless mesh networks fail to reach. Thanks to Wi-Fi roaming, we can use the same wireless network with a stable connection, as it switches between nodes seamlessly. By doing so, we can move anywhere with our smartphone or tablet while enjoying the best coverage possible.

Additionally, the Ethernet ports allows us to physically connect devices via cable for a maximum speed. Therefore, it is not necessary to cover the house with cables, as we just have to take advantage of the electrical wiring to get an Ethernet connection in other rooms of the house, such an office or a playroom.

This way, we can have a setup like the one in the image above. We can see how the router is in a room in one corner of the house but its signal is too weak to cover every room. With the satellite devices providing Wi-Fi, we can have one in the living room to provide Wi-Fi and connect a smart TV via cable. We can have the other satellite device in the office upstairs to also provide Wi-Fi and connect a PC or printer via cable.

Requirements to use the devolo Multiroom 550+ Wi-Fi Kit:  Power strips

As with every powerline system, it is not recommended to use power strips. The manufacturer states that most power strips with surge protection currently on the market cause a performance drop in the devolo network.

Additionally, we do not have to worry because the manufacturer’s products are protected against power surges in the mains supply network according to national and EU-wide regulations and standards. As for our home, the cable length of the network should not go over 300 meters.

Also, we do not have to worry if we have multiple circuits or phases because devolo products work with multiple circuits (phases) in the house. This is because data communication is transmitted over every phase.

How can it all be managed?

Despite the fact that these are Plug & Play devices that can be connected and set up in a few steps, we can go even further by managing them thanks to devolo Cockpit. The software has status displays, encryption controls and settings.

It is available for Windows macOS and Linux. It also has a software assistant that offers advice for optimum data transfer speeds over the dLAN network.

As we have seen, this kit is a well-rounded device to get internet connection in every corner of the house via Wi-Fi or electrical wiring. The devolo Multiroom 550+ Wi-Fi Kit is available for €199.90.

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