After almost 15 years, WPA3 will officially launch to provide Wi-Fi networks maximum security

In January, we found out that WPA3 for Wi-Fi would arrive anytime in 2018 after the WPA2 scandal. If we remember correctly, we found out a few months ago that the KRACK attack could hack the WPA2 protocol. This prompted the creation of a new protection for Wi-Fi networks, so Wi-Fi Alliance finally launched it. Therefore, we will give you every detail of WPA3, which will officially launch after almost 15 years to provide Wi-Fi networks maximum security.

After several months of hard work, the WPA3 standard is officially here to protect our Wi-Fi networks. The new WPA3 standard will be the one replacing WPA2 after its security issues. WPA3 also comes after 15 years of zero changes and novelties while everything else was being rapidly improved.

WPA3 is now official: protection against brute-force attacks, better encryption, and more secure public networks

WPA3 comes with a lot of improvements in terms of configuration, authentication and encryption to protect our home and business’ Wi-Fi networks. First, we get protection against brute-force dictionary attacks even if we use passwords that fail to meet the minimum security requirements.

Second, the handshake will be much more secure, preventing attackers from decrypting captured traffic even if they know the Wi-Fi network’s password. Third, open and public networks will be much more secure by encrypting the traffic in order to mitigate the risk of Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks.

Fourth, 192-bit data encryption will replace the 128-bit encryption of the WPA2 protocol. This is especially intended for industrial, defense, and government applications, which need maximum security, rather than homes and offices.

Wi-Fi Easy Connect, connecting devices to Wi-Fi easily

Besides WPA3, Wi-Fi Alliance has announced a new feature called Wi-Fi Easy Connect, which will allow us to connect devices (even the ones without displays) to the Wi-Fi network easily. The new feature replaces Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), which has always been considered insecure.

With Easy Connect, we will be able to connect gadgets to the network by simply scanning a QR code with the smartphone. Both WPA3 and Wi-Fi Easy Connect will be adopted slowly, as a full adoption is not expected at least until late 2019. Besides, it is possible that some current devices are updated in order to be compatible.


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